from cpa to cfo 6-week bootcamp to
elevate your practice

Duration: 6h 30m

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What I will learn?

Course Curriculum


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The CPA Paradox
The biggest challenges that all the CPAs are facing, which are poorly paid, hard to get new clients, and unsatisfactory quality when communicating with clients.

The MEASURE x HACK Framework™
Vision, Strategy, Execution, MEASURE x HACK

Ways to hold accountability and control over your business!

Vital numbers, key metrics, activity-result metrics, balancing metrics, and driving metrics, for you to create the structure and processes for the business.

How you should view time as a part of building MEASURE x HACK methodology into your practice.

Pricing is science.

Wrap up

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About Course

This is a 6-week learn-and-do lesson to elevate your practice through the proven methodology and better client advisory service. It’s designed to encourage “hack” (change) for success. Let’s roll.

Target Audience

  • Suitable for CPAs to advanced their CAS practice
  • CFOs who are eager to create more value for their clients

Material Includes

  • 6 highly-impactful lessons with built-in accountability
  • 6+ hours of educational and informative videos
  • 15+ exercises, tools, and templates
  • Assignments to help reinforce your training
  • Real-life case studies
  • An exclusive community only for people who complete the boot camp