Are you facing the all-too-common problem of having too many clients and too little profit? Take your skills to the next level, becoming a strategic fractional CFO. You can get started by watching our webinar to my exclusive 6-week Bootcamp, or get a head start with our coaching courses.

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From the real-world success of DeepSky, we’ve crafted The CFO Club. Our journey in building a leading CAS firm has taught us the immense value CPAs bring to CEOs and entrepreneurs. But we realized keeping this wisdom within DeepSky wasn’t enough. We’re on a mission to empower accountants like you with MEASURE x HACK Method™, transforming your skills into strategic advisory powerhouses. Ready to join this impactful movement? 

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Kickstart your journey to client advisory services. This intensive course provides the foundational skills needed for CFO advisory, complete with lifetime access to essential lessons, tools, and templates.

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Elevate your practice to new heights. Gain everything from the Bootcamp plus a year-long membership to our private CFO Club Roundtable. Expand your network, access ongoing support, and grow with a community of peers.

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Just a week ago, I dropped a topic into our digital think tank that’s been causing ripples ever

A buddy of mine who runs a $10mm company asked for my advice on hiring a controller. “I


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Your path to becoming a strategic CFO is just a click away. Whether you start with our free resources or dive straight into our Bootcamp or Mastermind programs, you’re taking a step towards a more fulfilling and impactful career. At The CFO Club, we’re committed to your growth and success as a financial leader. Let’s embark on this journey together.