Meet Your Instructor

Michael Hsu | Total Lesson Time: 14h 55min

W. Michael Hsu, CPA, CITP is the founder of DeepSy, a leading CFO consulting / Outsourced Accounting Team to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the US. DeepSky Provides services inclusing strategic planning, KPI building, accounting systems design and build, as well as full accounting outsourcing.

Michael’s core belief is that entrepreneurs are the solution to many of the world’s problems and is passionate that they, and those that guide them, should be compensated adequately for it.

Since 2009, Michael has been recognized among his peers (both accountants and entrepreneurs alike) as one of the most innovative pioneers in the outsourced accounting space. He was the first of two people to adopt and get certified by Xero in the US and was the first recipient of the Guru Certification. In 2014, he was the youngest person to be invited to AICPA’s Executive Roundtable. He has written for, been featured in, and quoted in Inc., Forbes, Empact, Accounting Today, AIGA among others.

Today, Michael’s goal is clear: understanding financial results so you can adjust your strategy and tactics accordingly. We call it MEASURE + HACK, a philosophy and methodology devised by Michael to help CPAs on their path to successful Client Advisory and CFO Service growth, as well as the success of the entrepreneurs they serve.

About the Instructor

In addition to DeepSky, Michael also sits on the advisory board for several service companies in the US, is an active investor and acting CFO for 3 other companies, and a strategic partner at Skald. Michael is a member of YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council,) an invite-only nonprofit organization of the most promising young entrepreneurs. He is also a founding member of the Forbes Finance Council.



Michael distills his knowledge and experience into relatable, practical examples that he shares in his courses. He’s passionate about helping individuals gain more control over their lives and businesses, empowering them to live freely. Michael offers actionable advice and guidance that can be easily applied in real-world situations, helping individuals achieve their desired outcomes.